Parabolic Sar For NinjaTrader, MetaTrader

It is the most precise tool for technical analysis. This indicator traders usually use for trend-following systems. And if you find a good stock, currency or future to trade then you may get the best result in a short period of time.

The classic interpretation of signals from Parabolic Sar are :
1. If Parabolic change position from higher to lower price then it is the signal to buy.
2. In case you see such thing like the Sar change location from LOWER to HIGHER price then you should sell the stock.

Here's the sample:

Indicator Parabolic Sar

The main thing is the moment when a trader should place the order. It is simple. Like the other indicators of technical analysis, the signal appears when PARABOLIC change its position. Right in the same moment, the trading robot should buy or sell the stock.

In this application, it is also possible to choose the directions. For example, you may find that with BUY signals you can have most of the profit. Then it is advisable to change options to trade only LONG position and the same thing with SHORT position.

To make this script more robust we decided to add some additional rules for exit. The take profit, stop loss and trailing stop were set in. Now your trading may became more agile.

Download trading robot

You may download those applications from our forum. This is link for NinjaTrader and this for MetaTrader.

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