If you have precise rules when to open and close the position, and if you want to automate this proccess then we can help you to create your own automated trading system. It is only required to send us by e-mail or skype the descriptions of strategy and we will notify you the price and deadline for this task. Be sure, that all you wants will be accomplished with 100% quality and satisfaction.

Open E Cry

OEC is a company providing online brokerage services, which holds their own trading platform, named OEC Trader. Nowadays it is possible to trade equities, forex and futures with no any limits.

We use OEC to create an application like trading robot. Trading robot is use for online trading in stock exchange market. It is very easy to have your own application that you can use for online-trading. Just click here.

OEC Trader

Аdvantages in using OEC Trader:
1. Trading robot can help any person to increase the quality in internet-trading.
2. The best thing in OEC, it has own API that can integrate any automated trading system into OEC TRADER.
3. Provides full access (data/information) to the trading platform without the need of a dedicated server.


OEC API is a special component required for creating software in order to get the access to OEC System. To tell more, it is a .NET 2.0 DLL Lybrary, which possible to use from any .NET 2.0 platform and programm language, such as VS 2010 C#.

It is also available for using OEC COM API library needed for environments, which could not get the access to .NET directly, but supports Microsoft COM, such as Delphi, C++, VBA (Excel) and so on.

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