This application for internet-trading has it own built-in programming language. It is possible to create and test any strategy with this fast and reliable technology. It is easy to do backtesting, walt forward, generic optimization.

Ninja Trader also has API for development automated trading systems with external applications. Sometimes it requires to bound Ninja Trader with another trading terminal. It is possible to do with API.


You can get on this web-site some scripts for Ninja Trader for free. If you want to test the perfomance, robustness and quality of scripts made by us then just take a look on the trading robots listed below.

Moving Average FREE
Parabolic Sar FREE
Donchian channel FREE
Stochastic FREE

Create applications by order

If you have precise rules when to buy and sell the stocks, futures and if you want to automate this proccess then we can help you. It is only required to send us by e-mail or skype the descriptions of strategy and we will tell you the price and deadline for this task. Be sure, that all you wants will be accomplished with 100% quality and satisfaction.

About Ninja Trader

The main advantage in using Ninja Trader it is totaly free of charge. This application has functionality for advanced charting, analysis of market, creating automated trading systems and backtesting of strategies.

Another great thing about Ninja Trader, it was created by an Active Trader. His name Raymond Deux. That means the headquater of the developer company understand perfectly the needs of their clients.


Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.
Warren Buffett

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