KBROBOT.NET is a company based in Russia, which create software, that able to do any kind of application for financial market.

Why you should order robot in Russia?

Location wise, we can offer a very low price in exchange of quality services. With our rich experiences in creating software for automated trading our clients find thier way to be more productive, able to reached thier target and succeed on thier new endeavour.

Most of our clients are private traders, investors, banks and different companies . We collected bunch of unique knowledge about world markets, technical analysis, mathematics, programming languages and computers.

Trading robot

Trading Robot. What is it?

Trading robot- is a special software for automated trading that can analyze the market automatically. This is one of the best and fastest way to be successful in the Market for a long period of time. It's very simple and it's computer generated.


1. Develop a sophisticated and powerful machine that able to choose the stock from thousands, to trade and to generate the signal immediately.

2. This software for automated trading can execute order automatically and place it right into broker’s trading platform without any intervention from trader.

3. With this tool any person may drastically increase the activity on the market. And finally, they can get the result in their respective bank account.

4. Doing online trading is not stressful if you are using this automated software.

We use algorithmic trading to extremely increase the profits. This is 100% online and computer generated that can make a decision through with it. No human involvement, no interruption and no need to travel anywhere!

5. We use different technologies as C#, C++, JAVA, MQL and so on. And the choice always depends on the task.

Nowadays we are creating the trading robots for MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, OEC and so on. Likewise, we develop trade robot for another trading platforms.

If you are interested in any of this just let us know.

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